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Flexible and on-demand workspaces.

When and where you need them

  • Work near home

  • Work near clients

  • Work near need

Why proximalspace?

Building tools for you, so you can work from anywhere!

1 Platform, 100s of spaces

Unleash the power of hybrid working. Every day demands different workspace needs.

Freedom to choose the space that works for your need. Many spaces to choose from, and one standard and simple booking platform to support your flexibility.

Choose from Hot Desk, Permanent Desk, Private office to meeting rooms. In the neighbourhood, closer to or in the CBD and regional town. One platform to access it all.

Working in Cafe
Image by Nathan Dumlao

Simplified billing

Imagine tax time and searching for bookings and transactions to calculate office space expenses.

All your office space bookings and expenses are in one place. Simple and easily accessible for tax deductions or just for book-keeping.

No locked-in contract. Search for spaces where you need them, book and pay only for when you use them.

Hyper-local network

Be it meeting a new client or working with your colleague or catching up on work when attending an event in your neighbourhood. 

Flexible spaces are designed for local communities and networking. Meet new people, expand your network and find your next business lead, within your proximity. 

Our network of office spaces has its own uniqueness and community focus. 


FInd out more!

Image by Pedro Lastra


Need tools for me and my staff

Knowlege worker

Need tools for me

Image by Copernico


Need tools to manage space

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