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Work Near Home

Reduce commute time, work with people in a space designed for productivity. 

Why proximalspace?

15-minute neighbourhood

Commute to your office space not more than 15 mins away from your home or your current location. Surrounded by essential amenities and services. 

Imagine riding or walking to your workspace or dropping your car for service and walking to your space.

Working in Cafe
Image by Shridhar Gupta

GET Access to hundreds of workspaces

One platform to book and manage all workspace needs, when and where you need them.


No locked-in contract. Use and pay only for what you use.

Empower to make sustainable choices

We value that you value sustainability. So we measure and apply sustainability ratings to our spaces and empower the partners and space providers to make sustainable choices with their services. Be it their utility providers, office fit-outs and greenery inclusions.

Also, we reward you with reward points when you make sustainable choices with us. Points you can redeem with local businesses in the neighbourhood.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski