Our Mission

Transform every suburb to become commercially a CBD and socially a countryside town.

So you can flourish no matter where you choose to live.

How commercially?

The vision is to create a self-sustaining economy, where every single need of the residents is met by local businesses. Your favourite cafe, hairdresser, gym, childcare are all run by your neighbours and supported by you.

How Socially?

Meeting and communal places to meet as neighbours, friends. Spend quality time on things that matter to you the most, not commuting to a productive space. 

Our agenda

Quite simply, how to use technology to create a sustainable space that is 15 minutes away from your home no matter where you live. Make it accessible, affordable and valuable - this becomes the standard for new way of working.

Our Story

We are a tech start-up based here in Melbourne, Australia. Serving the world one local community at a time. Our goal is to use technology to transform and simplify everyday people life (YOU) for the better. 


Current coverage

We have started our first iteration in the City of Wyndham here in Melbourne. Expanding our footprint to other council areas. Please come again to check our footprint. Please subscribe or follow us on one of our social handles for updates.

If you are a space provider and would like to add your spaces on our platform to serve your neighbourhood or for more information, please contact us via here2help@proximalspace.com or our contact page.